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Summer is right around the corner

Bangalore Robes beach towels kaftans robes

It's April in San Francisco and I'm still in a wool sweater and a scarf, but dreaming about the beach days on the horizon. In anticipation I've stocked up on my collection of beautiful handwoven, block-printed cotton beach towels, and I'm waiting for some sweet sundresses to arrive, along with a new shipment of Kaftans and Robes, as well as a new collection of Bangalore Robes and some embroidered tops to die for.

I'm also looking forward to some outdoor events I've got lined up. 

April 27/28 Wild East Imports will have booth at Treasure Fest, on Treasure Island, which is always fun, with tons of amazing vendors.

June 10th I'll be at the Haight Street Fair, which is mad-house, but pure San Francisco fun.

June 22nd - 24th Is the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Mendocino. Wish me luck on this one.

Thanks for your support on this crazy ride.


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